Best Box Mod in the UK – Innoking MVP5 Ajax

Vaping is the new cool trend these days and people who love to vape are always in search of a Box Mod best suited for their vaping needs. If you are also looking for the best box mod in UK you are at the right place. UK MVP5 Ajax has proven itself to be one of the reliable and durable Box Mods and people who already love to vape will agree that MVP5 is worth it. If you are rather new to this, then you might want to know more about MVP5 Ajax.

Innoking MVP5 Ajax Overview

Innoking MVP5 Ajax is an amazing mod kit among various vape kit today. It brings the most sorts after feature of a huge battery life with a wattage range of up to 120 watts with a lot other exciting features. You can now customize your vape to the best one you have ever experienced. However, MVP5 is just not a vape device because it is combined with amazing vape with important survival features like power bank, sensor suite, flashlight and many more.

What you can get from Innoking MVP5 Ajax Kit

An Innoking Ajax kit includes the Innokin Ajax tank and the Innoking MVP5 can also be found as a mod only device. The Innoking MVP5 has a classic box mod vape design has a hefty and solid build which makes you think that it has been built for outdoor lifestyle.

What makes Innoking MVP5 Ajax impressive

It has following exciting features. The variable wattage is extremely appealing to some users. The wattage modes are soft, hard and normal. It has adjustable automatic cut off making the usage even easier for the beginners. The flashlight modes in it include minimum, SOS, maximum, beacon, mid-range and strobe. The passkey is also one of the notable features of MVP5 Ajax. Powerbank mode is also included. MVP5 Ajax uses coil detection and barometer is also available. The preset wattages include Ajax and Z-coils. The custom wattage curves is also one of the most praised feature of MVP5 Ajax. Thermometer included in the kit helps you monitor the temperature. Both TC mode and TCR modes are available. You can also use factory reset options when you want to reset the settings. Puff counter is an advance feature included in MVP5 Ajax. Altitude sensors are also present. Clock helps you identify the timing. Device ID also gives you important information. It also gives you adjustable display including screen timeout, brightness and color.

Coils come with the Innoking MVP5 Ajax Kit

The Innokin Ajax tanks usually works best with Ajax coils and the coil rating is as follows:

· 0.16 Ω: 50-80 watts

· 0.35 Ω: 30-55 watts

Vape lovers know that the battery capacity of 2000mAh is quite impressive but Innoking is here to up the game and MVP5 has battery capacity of 5200mAh. Even if you are using it at lower wattages, it should ensure not just all-day vaping but multi-day vaping. It also comes with fast charging when you are using the USB-C charger which is included in the package.

The battery is not the only amazing part in vaipng as MVP5 has a whole set of survival features and it includes 6-mode flashlight compass, powerbank functionality and many more. It also has a hard-wearing wrist strap which also doubles up as a USB charger.

Final Word

If you are looking for a sleek design and a powerful vape even if you are a beginner, then MVP5 is for you. You can relate to it once you have tried this Box Mod.


  1. What is a box mod vape? Box mod vapes are typically bigger than other vaporizers with box-like shape. Vaper can interchange different types of batteries, atomizers and tanks.
  2. Are Box Mods better than vape pens? Box mods are more durable and bulky that vape pens. Vape pens are less durable, but they features smaller, lighter, easier to use and more discreet.
  3. What’s the difference between a mod and a pod? They are designed for different vaping styles. Pods are smaller, more convenient and generally easy to configure and vape. Mod vapes are designed for more vapor and flavor production.